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˜ To protect and preserve our great Brentwood community


˜ To provide the judicious oversight and budgetary constraint needed to manage our city in a lean, efficient manner


˜ To couple deliberate, mindful growth with a complementary infrastructure within a system that is proactive, not reactive


˜ To increase and enhance Brentwood's green space, trails, and parks through thoughtful, well-managed strategies


˜ To support our professional police, fire, and city service personnel


˜ To maintain lot minimums and the residential charm that makes Brentwood the envy of Tennessee

MARCH, 2018

Iraqi clinic library stocked through overwhelming support of my Vanderbilt coworkers, see the uplifting story at

January 24, 2019

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March 9, 2019, 9 AM

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April 11, 2019, 530 PM

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April 16, 2019, 8 PM

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2018 - Terrence meets Candidate Pro-life Criteria for Endorsement​


2018 - Terrence earns an "A" rating from the NRA


2019 - Terrence is listed as "Closely Aligned"​ with the Preserve Brentwood Mission Statements


Did I Not Predict This!?!

Check Out my Williamson Herald Letter to the Editor from October, 2016 ...

Not voting? Consider this!

As for the presidential election, anyone planning to sit this one out should reconsider.  You should reconsider based on two words – “supreme court”.  The next president will be nominating one, and likely two or three, Supreme Court justices. 

These days, Americans are extraordinarily frustrated by a national government that routinely disregards the will of the people.  Americans feel powerless against an unelected activist judiciary that completely discounts the predilection of the masses.  We have a bench of elitists who haven’t a clue as to why working class Americans from Tennessee to Texas to the Dakotas think the way they do.  I suspect these black-robed aristocrats could barely find Tennessee on a map, much less understand the values and core beliefs of these broad populations that they clearly disdain.  Americans are exhorted to “get out and vote” only to see their referendums cast aside by a handful of high-minded liberals who view themselves more as social engineers than constitutional advocates.

Thanks in part to the top-shelf medical care they receive – as opposed to the Obama Care they forced on us commoners – today’s Supreme Court justices typically serve over 25 years.  Their decisions will therefore be etched in stone for generations to come.  If you take a pass on this presidential election, your children and grandchildren will someday come to you and ask what happened to the America they read about in history books – the America of freedom, of opportunity, and of global leadership.

To be sure, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee list is packed with qualified individuals.  What’s more important, however, is the group’s geographic diversity. As the late Justice Scalia pointed out in his dissenting opinion on same-sex marriages, the court is made up of auspicious lawyers from either Harvard or Yale.  Four justices are from New York City and eight hail from either the east or west coast.  Only one comes from anywhere in between.  Unless you’re from New York or California, don’t expect this court to reflect any of your common sense ideology. 

Before being subjugated by a national media that left objectivity behind years ago, consider this as well.  In the US, the average life expectancy for women is about 81 while for men, it’s about 76.  Three sitting justices are currently at, over, or very near 80.  And one other thing to ponder – after the initial outcries from the democrats about not being allowed to seat Scalia’s successor, there’s been an eerie silence on the matter.  The silence continues as President Obama enthusiastically campaigns for Secretary Clinton.  It’s hard to imagine that Clinton’s short list for Supreme Court justices isn’t topped by the President himself.  If it’s a “hard left” you want, go ahead and look the other way.

And one final chafe – this one for our sitting legislators.  We really don’t need your weak-kneed “I’m-withdrawing-my-support” declarations while the rest of us are trying desperately to save what’s left of the America we love.  We’re not impressed with the politically-correct merit badges you’re collecting from a national media that froths at any anti-Trump tidbit spewed forth from politicians worried about how they’ll look for the next campaign.  If you won’t stand firm with us, here’s a thought – why not take a tip from Patriot Tom Brady and keep your mouth shut.


Terrence A Smith

‘The Dark Horse’